Company Profile

Shanghai Luo Yang Copper Co., Ltd. is a leading brand in China that engages in processing, manufacturing and selling an extensive range of high-quality copper materials with various types and specifications. Our products are classified into copper plate, copper strip, copper bar, copper tube, copper rod, copper wire, profiled copper, etc. These products can be further described as:

1. Copper alloys, covering oxygen-free copper, red copper, brass, bronze, cupronickel, etc.

2. Copper plates and strips, including oxygen-free copper plate, super large and thick copper plate, nickel cupronickel copper plate, copper waterstop, transformer copper strip, copper door strip, radio frequency, tank copper strip, lead frame copper strip, etc.

3. Copper tube, consisting of large-diameter red copper tube, appropriative condenser copper tune, crystallizer copper tube, appropriative air conditioning copper tube, naval brass tube, copper rod, oxygen-free copper, brass rod, lead brass rod, phosphor copper rod, aluminum bronze rod and all kinds of complicated alloy tube rods.

4. Copper bar, composing of copper busbar, conductive copper bar, ground copper bar, etc.



These products that cover a vast range are applied to almost all fields, including aerospace, shipping, military, metallurgy, electronics, electrical and mechanical applications, textile, transportation, construction, chemical industry, light industry, energy and so on.


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